Priority-Zero: Get Stuff Done.

Prioritize, track, manage, conquer.

Priority-Zero is an interactive to do list, and a great way to get organised. Prioritize tasks in order of importance, record time spent on individual tasks, enter notes, reminders and anything else you need on the go, and automatically map out your workload over the next four weeks.

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Create a to do list of tasks, interests, subjects, activities, goals, and anything else you want to access wherever you are.


Easily revise and change priorities according to your workload, or requests from clients and colleagues.


Great for time billing, and staying on track! Review task times to use with estimates and quotes for future projects.


Create tasks
Easily create tasks, estimate the hours or days needed to complete, and assign a priority. From your to do list, you can monitor and track your progress getting it done.
Record notes, thoughts and ideas
Priority-Zero is more than just a to do list. Use it to keep information on any topic or subject you like, so you have easy access to it day or night.
Change task priorities
Drag and drop the order of tasks in your to do list to reset priorities, or set them manually from the task details panel.
Task timer
Time how long it takes to complete tasks from your to do list. Handy for billing clients, and also useful for estimates and quotes for future projects.
Workload Schedule
View your aggregated workload for the next four weeks to assess how much more work you can take on. Watch your workload reduce as the task timer records your progress.
Extended features
Left-right screen flip, notification board, set hours per day, include or exclude weekends, set weekends, create a progress report, submit suggestions for improvement.


Prioritize, track, manage, conquer.

It's free. It's useful.
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