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The epicentre of your entire workscape.

Everything you need, in one place:
Build, plan, schedule, manage, track, monitor, bill and review projects, clients and teams.

The Priority-Zero Method:

"Priority-Zero is more than a productivity tool; it's a life-changing discipline.
Adopting it can revolutionise daily organisation and efficiency, redefining personal and professional success."

Project building

Scope, estimate and quote

Streamline Project Planning: Break down complex projects into manageable deliverables effortlessly. By dissecting tasks, you gain clarity and simplify planning. Estimate completion times for each deliverable, enabling swift quote generation with just a click.

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Assessing Project Feasibility

  • Confirm availability and resources before accepting new projects.
  • Use Priority-Zero's one-touch workload viewer for a 4-week overview of availability and capacity.
  • This helps determine the ability to take on additional work.

Effective Project Management Strategy

  • Divide projects into smaller parts, called deliverables.
  • This breakdown simplifies understanding and time estimation for each part.
  • Builds a clear view of the total time needed for the entire project.
  • Aids in identifying critical elements and prioritising deliverables.

Benefits of the Deliverable Approach

  • Early detection and resolution of issues in specific segments.
  • Easier to implement changes in small parts than in a large project.
  • Each deliverable acts as a quality checkpoint.
  • Continual evaluation of project's adherence to quality standards.
  • Reduces the likelihood of major revisions later.
  • Simplifies progress reporting to stakeholders, improving transparency and communication.

Project Scope and Client Interaction

  • Deliverables provide a segmented overview of the project's full scope.
  • Facilitates swift creation of accurate client quotes.
  • Completion of each deliverable boosts team morale.
  • Visible progress towards the end goal unites and motivates the team.

Share and collaborate

Build a new team, join someone else’s, or onboard an existing one

Collaborate Seamlessly: After scoping, estimating, and quoting your project, it’s time to assemble your team. Whether flying solo or seeking expertise, connect with fellow PZeders in our community directory or invite external contacts effortlessly.

Priority-Zero’s team capabilities are centred around three important tenets: transparency, discussion, and sharing.

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Transparency in Project Updates

  • Real-time updates on project progress, task assignments, and changes.
  • Easy access to project details, timelines, and documents for all team members.
  • Promotes openness and accountability within the team.

Facilitating Team Discussions

  • Direct commenting in project/deliverable notes.
  • Viewing and comparing planned vs actual progress.
  • Agenda, Minutes, and Discussion Points feature for questions and resolutions.
  • Unresolved issues carried forward to the next team meeting for action.

Communication and Focus

  • Tools for specific task-related or broader project discussions.
  • Avoids unnecessary chatter, reducing confusion and distraction.

Collaboration and Information Sharing

  • Integration with cloud storage services like Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive.
  • Seamless sharing of projects, tasks, documents, and resources.
  • Encourages collaborative ecosystem with free flow of information and ideas.

Plan and schedule

Avoiding calendar chaos

Effortless Work Management: Whether flying solo or collaborating with a team, dive into your projects with ease. Schedule tasks directly from deliverables or projects, or simply drag and drop them onto your calendar for the coming days. With Outlook and/or Google Calendar integration, stay on top of meetings and events to avoid scheduling conflicts.

Stay Ahead with Workload Viewer: Stay organized with our intuitive workload viewer. Track your workload over the next four weeks, ensuring you meet deadlines and have room for new tasks. Toggle between views to see your remaining workload compared to available time, or view scheduled work hours to identify open slots for additional tasks.

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Planning and Scheduling

  • Plan and schedule time for each deliverable to ensure completion within the expected timeframe.
  • Ensure no deliverable is left behind in the process.

Prioritisation and Contingency Planning

  • Identify and prioritise deliverables based on importance and urgency.
  • Allow buffer time in estimates for unforeseen issues to avoid mid-project resource shortages.
  • Regularly review and adjust the schedule based on progress.

Communication in Case of Changes

  • Promptly communicate delays or changes due to unforeseen issues or inadequate estimates to all stakeholders.
  • Maintain transparency and manage expectations through consistent communication.

Integrating External Schedules

  • Include Outlook and Google Calendar events in the planning schedule.
  • Avoid scheduling conflicts and plan work around other projects and events.

Track and monitor

Pomodoro meets time and motion

Efficient Time Management: In project completion, time is the key metric. Beyond materials and value-additions, your project hinges on the time invested in each deliverable and the overall project. Plan and schedule your tasks seamlessly, starting each day with 'The Plan' in Action Stations—an overview of your day's agenda, including meetings and reminders.

Precise Time Tracking: Stay on top of your project's progress with automated time tracking. Record time spent in meetings or working on scheduled tasks to maintain an ongoing tally of estimated vs. actual completion time. Assess areas of time overruns post-project to enhance future planning and efficiency.

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Accuracy in Time Estimation

  • Record time spent on each deliverable to improve future estimate accuracy.
  • Compare expected vs. actual time spent for future precision.
  • Helps avoid underestimating time in future projects.

Tracking Time and Achievements

  • Recording time helps in understanding weekly time expenditure.
  • Provides a clear view of how time was spent and what was achieved.

Ease of Recording with Priority-Zero

  • Priority-Zero simplifies time recording for deliverables.
  • Automatic recording of project and deliverable details when the timer is activated.
  • Option to add comments for better reporting and evaluation.

Time Management Features

  • Set alarms to avoid exceeding allocated time for a session.
  • Supports the Pomodoro method for maximising productivity.

Easy invoicing

Manual, time billed and quote convert

Invoicing Made Easy: Priority-Zero simplifies the invoicing process, catering to manual, time-billed, and quote-converted invoices, ensuring versatility in managing various invoicing needs.

Effortless Invoice Creation: Seamlessly transform your project quotes into invoices with a single click. Easily retrieve the original quote, make any necessary adjustments, and convert it into an invoice. Alternatively, specify a date range, select a customer, and let Priority-Zero generate an invoice instantly based on recorded time for your review before sending it to the client.

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Manual Invoice Creation

  • Select a client and create line entries in the Billing section.
  • Process is straightforward and user-friendly.

Time Billed Invoice Functionality

  • Mark deliverables as billable in Action Stations.
  • Use the timer for automatic timesheet generation.
  • Select client and date range for billing; minutes worked appear on the invoice.
  • Combine with pre-set hourly rate for an accurate invoice.

Converting Quotes to Invoices

  • Use Billing History to locate a previously created quote.
  • Convert quotes to invoices with a simple click.

Integration with Xero

  • Priority-Zero integrates with Xero for seamless quote and invoice management.
  • Automatic updates in Xero for any changes made in Priority-Zero.
  • Access Xero client list for easy project creation in Priority-Zero.